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Using Transcriptome AI for Disease Characterization and Treatment Options

2. Disease Severity
3. Treatment Precision
4. Treatment Monitoring
5. Detection of Adverse Reaction

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Transforming Healthcare Through Transcriptomics


What is Transcriptome?
A complete set of RNA molecules transcribed from the genes at a specific time or under specific conditions.
It represents the entire collection of RNA transcripts. Overall, the transcriptome provides a comprehensive view of gene expression within an organism and is a fundamental resource for advancing our understanding of molecular biology, genetics, and disease processes.

Unparalleled Transcriptomic Solutions:

  • Valuable information about gene expression patterns, which genes are active, and how they are regulated within cells or tissues.

  • A crucial role in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying various biological processes, such as development, differentiation, response to stimuli, and disease.

Identification and Quantification of RNA Molecules

The analysis of the transcriptome involves techniques such as RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), which allows for the identification and quantification of RNA molecules present in a sample. Through RNA-seq, we can determine the abundance of specific transcripts, identify novel RNA molecules, and gain insights into the dynamic nature of gene expression.

What can a transcriptome tell us?

By analyzing the entire collection of RNA sequences in a cell we can determine when and where each gene is turned on or off in the cells and tissues of an organism.

How transcriptomes be used to explore gene function?

A search of a transcriptome database can give us a list of all the tissues in which a gene is expressed, providing clues about its function.

Our high precision and low cost NGS capability

High precision NGS capability in transcriptome quantification and monitoring, and its potential in the biopharmaceutical field is unlimited.

Comprehensive View of Gene Expression

A fundamental resource for advancing our understanding of molecular biology, genetics, and disease processes.


Transcriptome Studies

29,000 Transcriptome Studies conducted as of 2023 according to scientific databases.


Gene Readouts

Transcriptome is a collection of 25,000 gene readouts present in a cell to determine the amount of gene activity.

How it works?

By comparing transcriptome profiles between different conditions or tissues, we can identify differentially expressed genes and pathways associated with specific biological states or diseases. This information aids in understanding cellular functions, discovering potential therapeutic targets, and developing diagnostic tools.

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